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10. How to Sell Jobs and Close Deals

10. How to Sell Jobs and Close Deals

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After watching this 90 min STEP BY STEP guide you will easily close $10k, $50k and even $500k jobs!!! Statistically, the behavior of customers are the same, the only difference is the final price in your contract.

5 Exclusive  live examples of my REAL phone calls…see how I'm using these scripts every single day!

Other benefits: 

  • How to setup your voicemail.
  • How to call back customers and have controlled conversation.
  • Questions you have for the customers.
  • How to set prices on the phone without losing customer.
  • How to set up an appointment with the client.
  • How to stand out from 99% of competitors.
  • You will learn the best practices for sending reminders that don’t overbear the customers.
  • Learn to redirect customers when they don’t have qualifying job for you to complete.

When being compared to a professional businessman the customer will likely choose you even if your price is higher than the competitor.

It makes no sense to spend money on paid advertising to get loyal customers. You have to establish your own credibility. 

No one was born a salesman, this is a skill that anyone can master.

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