2. Writing Contracts and Reading Plans

2. Writing Contracts and Reading Plans

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  • How to Price Out Outdoor Kitchens, Paver, Concrete, Grass, Fence, Mulch and Demolition 
  • 2 Hours Of Video Content
  • Step By Step Detailed Break Down Of Every Item In Contract
  • 8 Page Template of All Line Items You Will Use In Your Proposal
  • Copy of the Contract We Wrote
  • Actual Contract Of The Job After It Was Completed
  • Design Made by A Landscape Designer
  • BBQ Parts and Cost Of Each Item
  • 2 hours



Nothing in this video is a direction on how to run your company.

This is simply entertainment and storytelling.

You are responsible for your own actions

I am not an attorney you are advised to consult with a licensed attorney  for your trade